Institutional Relations

Maintaining clear relations and a positive institutional aspect towards government entities is critical for businesses development and for advancing and protecting stakeholders’ interests.

Clear, ethical and direct communication between corporations and government entities is critical for business development and for advancing and protecting stakeholders’ interests. 


Doing business in Brazil requires interacting and engaging with different government agencies on a regular basis. Being able to clearly communicate the validity of your company’s views to key decision-makers and influence public policy-making is therefore legitimate and fundamental. Aware of the importance of this task, Vallya relies on a skillful team that will be aligned with your company’s goals and values, and will help build and strengthen your Institutional and Government Relations.

Strong ethical and legal parameters guide the actions of Vallya in the area of institutional and government affairs. The comprehensive experience of its team in interacting with ministries, government agencies, key congressional leadership and committees allows Vallya to help clients promote and defend their interests in a transparent manner.

Strategic Communication

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