When business cooperation reaches a strategic level of an organization, it requires a clear understanding of the goals from all parties involved, the operation to be structured, the client's market, current legislation, risks, among other aspects.

The advisory team, therefore, should be prepared to provide several technical analyses and use negotiating skills in order to conduct a sucessful operation  and achieve the client's objectives. Throughout this journey, there is a key element which is crucial in guiding our work: trust. The relationships built through years of work, good results, guided by ethical principles, respect and transparency are the ones responsible for nurturing new established relationships.

Our motto, Building Trust, expresses our essence. Our mission is to develop business projects based on trusted relationships, in an ethical and transparent manner.  

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Vallya Group Investments

Vallya is the result of almost 10 years of work done by the company’s partners Luis Franceschini and Marcos de Oliveira. With a rising demand for development of projects that exceeded the legal scope, the partners identified an opportunity for opening an international business consultancy. Vallya currently works on three segments: Business, Tax Compliance and Strategic Communication. Furthermore, Vallya also operates as an investment fund in companies with an innovative profile and high potential for internationalization.