Meet the people who make a difference in Vallya.

Vallya assembled a multidisciplinary, multicultural, hands-on team of professionals working collaboratively with our clients, seeking to achieve best results. The success of our client’s project is our success in equal measure.

  • Luis Fernando Franceschini

    Senior Partner

    Mr. Franceschini holds a PhD in Law from the University of São Paulo (USP) and an MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral. He has worked as an attorney in the international area of Banco do Brasil. In the national and international financial transactions area of the bank, he worked with private agents, regulating agencies and international organizations. Among the activities carried out by Mr. Franceschini are the structuring of business transactions, M&A; the coordination of the acquisition of the Deutsche Bank’s Latin America Private Banking platform by Banco do Brasil; and the coordination of Banco do Brasil’s strategy in international disputes relating to loans granted to domestic companies. He has also served as Chief Legal Officer and was responsible for the privatization of Banco do Estado do Espírito Santo (BANESTES). Among his many responsibilities were managing the asset valuation process and structuring the bank’s sale, under the supervision and monitoring of Central Bank of Brazil. 

  • Marcos Oliveira

    Senior Partner

    Mr. Oliveira holds a specialization degree in Business Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV); a graduate degree in Business and Project Analysis from IPEA - CENDEC; and a graduate degree in International Business and Contracts from IBMEC. A former employee of Banco do Brasil, Mr. Oliveira held commissioned positions in the asset restructuring area. He worked in the conciliation and consolidation of debts enrolled in the Brazilian External Debt renegotiation program with the Central Bank of Brazil and the National Treasury. Additionally, he was responsible for data gathering and accountability of foreign operations undertaken by the banks Comind, Auxiliar and Maisonave, and was part of the working group to make the case for Banco do Brasil’s capital increase in 1997. From 1998, he started to manage the restructuring of operations of companies in bankruptcy and in CCAA protection, particularly the operations and the bankruptcy process of Encol S/A and banks in liquidation. Mr. Oliveira is a former director of the asset restructuring area of BANESTES and former CEO of Banestes Leasing S.A. in 2002 – 2003. 

  • Luciane Baldo


    Fields of work: Marketing | Business development

    Mrs. Baldo holds an MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral and an MBA in Services Marketing from ESPM-RS. An entrepreneur at heart, Mrs. Baldo has founded two businesses and worked as a consultant for companies like Deloitte, Ernst&Young, Gerdau, Dell, among others. As a founder of Mercage in 2005, Luciane has setup a pioneering e-commerce platform to sell graphic and web design services targeting the domestic and international markets. Working with digital marketing and business development at Vallya since 2012, Luciane is responsible for the planning, monitoring and the analysis of marketing strategies across all channels. In the business development segment, Luciane concentrates her efforts on market research, business model planning, among other activities.

  • Larissa Wachholz


    Fields of Work: Institutional Relations | Business Development

    Mrs. Wachholz holds a master’s degree on Contemporary China Studies from Renmin University of China, in Beijing, and short-term executive education degrees in International Relations and Corporate Finance from joint programs of the London School of Economics & Political Science and Peking University. She graduated in International Relations in Brazil. Larissa lived in China between 2008 and 2013, being in charge of the China Operations of a Brazilian business consulting company. She was responsible for providing support for the demands of both Brazilian and Chinese clients, which included: negotiating with partners, suppliers, financial institutions and government authorities; organizing, attending and speaking at events of interest for clients; working on the development of business strategies; and supporting the execution of international partnerships and M&A projects. Joining Vallya as a partner since 2013, Mrs. Wachholz is responsible for international business development projects and she also coordinates government relations projects.

  • Edson Ferreira

    Strategic Consultant

    Manager, Mr. Ferreira has a graduate degree in Public Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He has worked as Deputy Chairman of Banco do Brasil; as Executive Director of the BB-Leasing Company Ltda. in New York and USA and of the companies BB - Investiment Bank, BB - General Manager of Credit Cards SA and BB - Securities Distributor. University professor, consultant and member of boards of directors of various companies in the financial, insurance and pension sectors. Lawyer, Master in Law and Public Policy from the Institute for Research and Development of UniCEUB-Brasilia.

  • Ricardo Conceição

    Strategic Consultant

    Mr. Ricardo Conceição is a former vice-president of Agribusiness and Government Relations at Banco do Brasil, the largest financial institution in Latin America. In the public sector, Mr. Conceição was the coordinator of the Agricultural Department of the Ministry of Finance during 1991-1994. At the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Conceição coordinated agricultural policies as well as rural credit policies. At the Ministry of Agriculture he held the position of Executive Secretary from 1994 to 1995. Currently Mr. Conceição works as a business advisor for several groups in Brazil. Among them are Bunge, Randon Group, Asa Alimentos Group and MARFRIG S/A. Mr. Ricardo Conceição holds a BA in Economics and he specialized in agribusiness from highly accredited institutions in Brazil and abroad.


  • Eliane Taborda

    Eliane is an attorney with a degree in Law from UniDF and a graduate degree in Public Law from Faculdade Projeção. Eliane has worked in the Legal Department of companies such as Correio Braziliense and CASSI focusing on contract analysis and on procedural monitoring in labor, civil and tax issues. At Vallya, Eliane assists the staff in the preparation of legal documentation and in the elaboration of reports on regulatory issues and others.

  • Zheng Jianya

    Assistant Project Manager 

    Zheng holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Brasilia and he is currently pursuing a PhD in the same area, in UnB. Born in China, Zheng has been living in Brazil for the past five years. At Vallya, Zheng assists the team in business development projects between Chinese and Brazilian companies.

  • Flávia Rosse

    Customer Service | Administrative Support

    Flavia holds a degree in Accounting and has also specialized in customer service and administration. At Vallya, Flavia is responsible for all the administrative and accounting support, for organizing events and assisting clients.